Talaat Safwat

Experienced Software Development Engineer (7+ years)

[ Heredia, Costa Rica ] - Current residence

Tel: [ +506 6320 7719 ]

[ Cairo, Egypt ] - Home residence and citizenship

Tel: [ +2 0100 676 0080 ]

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Professional Profile

Results oriented, resourceful and problem-solving Software Engineer, with a get-it-done, on-time spirit and exceptional experience in designing, implementing and delivering technically sophisticated applications in multiple business domains. Proven leader, drive system architecture decisions and lead projects from customers ideas to final value-added end products.

Technology Summary

JavaSE, JavaEE, JSF, GWT, Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate, Solr, Oracle, EJB, JPA, GlassFish, WebLogic, PostgreSQL, HTML, Linux, MySql, XML, JSON, jQuery, Agile, Scrum, Mockito, Design Patterns, Data Structure, Servlets, Struts, Angularjs.

Professional Experience

Senior Software Engineer, Intertec International

Heredia, Costa Rica — 2016 - present

Provide application design, guidance and consultation. Develop Highly complex original code, maintain and utilize existing systems.Working with technical leads, technical analysts, business analysts, and DBAs to evaluate business needs and help provide end-to-end technical solutions.


  • Designed and participated in agile development of a Continuous Performance System in a challenging time frame that helped the company to closely appreciate high performers.

  • Developing and maintaining high complex code base application with a  100% unit test coverage for a premier financial institute in US, one of the biggest in the world.

  • Mentor and lead junior developers and participate in systems design and architecture in several projects

Senior Application Consultant, Vodafone Egypt

Cairo, Egypt — 2014 - 2016

Led the software production from meeting with product owners, business analysts and project managers, provide and discuss technical feasibility and estimates. Drive architectural decisions, tracked the compliance of Design patterns, unit testing, security measures and UML Diagrams across the team. Designed and developed new original code, solutions and development frameworks.


  • Designed and developed dozens of software solutions, collaborating with most of Telecommunication industry backend systems and representing cutting edge user experience. In addition to leading the full development life cycle in agile for some solutions.

  • Mentored development team in best practices and software design, ensuring the release of premium quality solutions that always exceed expectations.

  • Delivered groundbreaking developments such as  custom implementation Single sign on for all vodafone online services, open for easy plug-n-play integration with any new service.

  • Also Designed and developed a developer's utility for KPI using custom built annotations by reflection.

  • Drove the development of Vodafone Egypt official mobile application backend restful services supporting all kind of features including header authorised seamless login.

  • Introduced coverage of OWASP top ten vulnerabilities to all the online services legacy code and insure any new solutions from the team are in compliance with the new security measures.

Software Developer, Senior Software Developer, SiliconExpert Technologies [Arrow Technologies company]

Cairo, Egypt — 2012-2014

Designed, developed and tweaked challenging solutions to cover a high demanding e-commerce solution serving millions of complex records with strict performance measures and advanced search techniques.


  • Developed and implemented end to end solution for Arrow Parametric search with cutting edge user experience capabilities and powerful backend with maximum end to end journey of 500ms.

  • Designed and developed large scale, thread safe and ultra high performance application with extensive use of threading for reading and parsing raw data and indexing it to solr inverted index in considerably challenging time.

  • Coded and delivered several applications in extremely tight plans and short notice as demos, software batches and change requests.

Software Engineer, Ji-labs

Mansoura, Egypt — 2011-2012

Developed some commercial solutions in different domains and trained college grads in some Java frameworks and mentored the group under Scrum methodology into developing a full functional application.


  • Designed and developed a multi screen, multi role solution for a university in which they can upload students grades and allow the students to purchase the view capability and browse their results.

  • Developed a framework to generate CRUD from XML model representation for rapid application development.

  • Mentored and trained a group of college grads in JSF, JPA and other selected topics, led to development of a blog implemented by the grads under scrum methodology.

Software Engineer, Egy Cloud Integrated Business Solutions

Mansoura, Egypt — 2009-2011

Developed and participated in design of a Trading portal solution .


  • Delivered in a team a complete solution as a Trade directory for the country with custom website pages for the opted id corporates and facilities for searching of services and products


B.Sc. in Computer Science

  • Faculty of Computer & Information Systems, Grad 2009.

  • Mansoura University, Egypt.

  • Graduation Project: Web 2.5 – applying semantic search engine that implement Lucene Framework ( Analyzer, Filter and search engine ) , Classification for data using Machine learning Algorithms.

[JavaSE, Lucene Framework, Machine learning]

        Other Courses

  • Algorithmic Toolbox by University of California, San Diego & Higher School of Economics.

  • Development for Business by Mansoura University.

  • Remarkable time management and organization skills.

  • Self motivated and high ability of self learning.

  • High Communication and Presentation Skills.

  • Excellent troubleshooting skills.